Foster Music Camp Scholarships

A number of scholarships are available to attend Stephen Collins Foster Music Camps. Scholarships are available to all camps.

All scholarship applicants must be registered for the camp of their choice for consideration. Scholarship funds are given based on musical ability provided through audition material. Please take time and present a quality recording of legitimate literature when applying. If you have questions on what material is acceptable please use this Contact Form for further assistance.

If you are in need of financial assistance please be sure to look at the Financial Assistance information page.

Foster Music Camp Scholarship Applications

A number of scholarships are available to outstanding, solo-chair quality instrumentalists and outstanding vocalists who desire to attend Stephen Collins Foster Music Camp. Amounts vary each year based upon funding. Typical scholarships amounts are $25-75. The scholarships are awarded according to the following priority: (1) to students who play an instrument needed to complete camp instrumentation or voicing; (2) to students who exhibit extraordinary skill in performance and could benefit themselves and the camp by attendance; (3) on the basis of financial need for those students who do not necessarily fall into categories #1 and #2 above, but those whose presence at the camp would be mutually beneficial.

Scholarships to the Foster Music Camp are of three types: (1) Institutional scholarships from the Stephen Foster Music Camp; (2) Scholarships from the National Federation of Music Clubs and/or Kentucky Federated Music Clubs; (3) Scholarships presented by your local P.T.A. or Band or Orchestra Booster groups.

School groups wishing to sponsor a student to attend Stephen Collins Foster Music Camp should write for information about the procedures for such an award.

Any campers is eligible to apply for scholarship assistance. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the priorities indicated above. Campers must register for camp and pay their deposit before applying for a scholarship.

Persons desiring scholarship assistance should complete and return the enclosed form. A recorded audition is required.

2. Scholarship applicants must be accepted as a camper and have paid their deposit before any decisions can be made concerning scholarships.

The deadline for scholarship applications and submission of tape is May 1st. Due to an ever growing request for scholarship and financial assistance this deadline is firm. If you wish to apply for a scholarship or financial assistance we MUST have your request to us on or before May 1st.

Decisions on scholarships will be made no later than the week of May 20th. Recipients will be notified in writing and/or email of their selection during that week. Once notified scholarship recipients must "accept" their scholarship and confirm that they will be attending camp.

Recordings should be sent before May 1. Online video/audio links or uploads are strongly suggested, but CD's and DVD's will be accepted. If sending a link and/or file attachment email those directly to camp director Ben Walker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Try to use a good quality recorder and microphone to assure as good a quality tape as possible.

Announce at the beginning of the recording your name and the selections you will be performing. Example: This is John Jones from Hayes High School, playing "Concerto in D Major for French Horn and Orchestra." Please list selections on outside of recording box. Also include name and address on recording box. Recordings will not be returned.

Audition material should consist two short works demonstrating your best skills. There are no specific music literature requirements. It is highly encouraged to choose contrasting pieces for your recording/audition. For example a slower melodic work followed by a faster more technique work would best. If you have questions regarding the requirements for your particular instrument or situation please use this Contact Form



Send all audition recordings to:

Foster Music Camp
Department of Music
Eastern Kentucky University
521 Lancaster Ave.
Richmond, KY 40475 -3102

Be certain you have registered online and paid your deposit payment. You must be registered for attendance before a scholarship can be awarded.

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